JVC ● Adixxion JVC-GC-XA1BEU

I was amazed when I first saw JVC Adixxion JVC-GC-XA1BEU action cam coming out of the box. So handy it’s ridiculous. For one of those tests that brands sometimes do I had the pleasure to use and abuse this camera for a while. Maybe I’m exagerating a little. I didn’t abuse it. I wish I was a little more exxtreme these days but probably the most exxtreme thing I do is to put asterisks to hide bad words in the titles of The Maxiemillion posts and, let’s face it, this isn’t exxtreme at all. Our camera here is magic. Microscopic, tough, water resistant. To test it as I should the best thing would have been to take a week off and go to cruise on a skateboard on a New York City street, then scuba dive in Miami to see if I can find a dolphin, then go snowboard for a couple days in Colorado. If I had a day left, even a flight to California to shoot a FMX session in a Temecula spot would be sweet. But I had no time to do this, since this blog that you read every day requires work and in order to put in work, you can’t do exxciting and interesting things like those that I just dreamt about. Instead I just called my friend Gio Rossi and we went to shoot with the only rider available (me) a not-so-exxtreme session: downhill on a plastic cruiser from Bergamo Upper town to the center. I honestly thought that it wasn’t exxciting enough so to make it a bit more impressive I even stole JVC official bumpers (the opener and the last part) to put this session on Youtube for your viewing pleasure. You can laugh at me but this little camera is no joke: go peep the description page and you will be stoked from how many features JBL Adixxion packs. Thanks JVC, it has been nice and when you want, like I was Jay Z… I’mma do it again.

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