J.ust B.lazin L.ah meets R.eally O.bnoxious X.tra Y.outh

Just when you thought you have seen it all, here comes the latest craze in headphones. All this collaborations driving you insane, just to get your attention, end up here: JBL x Roxy. Being the first a hi-fi giant and being the second an action sport colossus, they thought that join forces may be a winning move. Being this “On ear” headphone an item delivered straight to my hands by my neighbour Aldo A, one of the most important reps for JBL, I thought it was a winning move to post it here for a reason that you wouldn’t think of: it’s a girly item. You thought that The Maxiemillion was rude, just giving attention to items that are supposed to be used by boys, but I feel like telling you the truth today: I got nothing but love for girls. It’s such a long time ago when we examined last time a girl tee shirt. Girls do care about their stuff. We men are more nonchalant, carefree, we listen to music because we like it, not thinking about the colour of the headphone we use. They don’t. They put nail enamel, eyeshadow, necklaces and this is only the city version. Can you figure out when they go to their favourite ski resort? Goggles, beanies, scarves, gloves and some other stuff come into their outfit game. JBL probably thought that to provide a basic headphone that works great to those designers at Roxy may excite their fantasy and turn it into something pleasant to the eye. That’s why the florish thing is there on the blue part of it. That’s why they put that “hand made looking” stitching all over it. That’s the peak of the style of this object, no doubt. If blue and acid green aren’t your cake, it seems that there is also an orange and pink version, on Roxy website. How about the function? Consequence “Movies on demand” mixtape sounds nice on my IPod when I test these, paying attention that nobody sees me rockin a female headphone. The bass is really thumpin and the level of the sound is as vivid as the laser eye of Tony Starks. Comfort? There is velvet on the side that is supposed to come in contact with your delicate ear. Ready to ride rockin your favourite compilation now?

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