Jeepers Peepers ● Clear Aviator JP1803

I don’t know if it’s me but springtime always gives me an extra boost when it’s time to put together an outfit. I feel more freedom from cold weather and thick jackets and this lets me think about cool multilayers outfits. Of course with the right accessories and this is where Jeepers Peepers comes into play.

Are you familiar with the brand from UK desperately in love with vintage frames and fresh retro styles? Jeepers Peepers is constantly researching in the past in order to provide you today sunglasses and frames at an excellent quality price rate. We first met this brand last year and it sparked the interest of the readers I am in touch with, so here we are with its new frames for the new season.

This clear pair here worn by Ida P can be an accessory when you feeling yourself 100% and you want to impress with a strong image. The retro swagger of these glasses is major, if you consider that we are not dealing with the average golden frame. Nossir, we are talking about rose gold, that to me is the best shade of gold ever. Beside this let’s not forget that if your vision is not 20/20 you can take these JP1803 to your optician and turn them into actual prescription glasses.

This pair is so new that… it’s not even on the website yet. Feel free to take a second to contact Jeepers Peepers and ask about the pair of clear aviator glasses called JP1803 that you saw on The Maxiemillion. What’s better than a sprinkle of London look in your spring?!

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