Jeepers Peepers ● JP0257 mens

I just do it for fun, not because of philosophical reasons or flavor of the season: I love to dress girls with boys clothes. I find it amusing except for a few times where I just can’t do it for one reason or another. I went the extra mile today: I make a girl wear a pair of Jeepers Peepers sunglasses designed for men.


I know how the vibe is at Jeepers Peepers: they back up what I do and they won’t get mad at me for this. This gave me the idea to let Martina C wear these JP0257 sunglasses by the UK brand that we get to see from time to time here.


Jeepers Peepers worked on a unique shape this time: an hexagonal frame that has tonal black lens and matte gold detailing on both arms. Not for the average woman, I mean… man, these sunglasses are for the attention seekers that want to leave a mark when they walk. But here you don’t impress with the wealth of your wallet but with pure, unadulterated style.


Make that gold look good matching your watch or your jewelry, rock these sunglasses in an all black outfit or mix and match as you feel: considering its out of the ordinary shape the least of the things you want is to have an ordinary style.


This is a pricepoint brand that gives you the most for your hard earned dinero. Cop a pair or even two and your shopping for the month is not over, considering how interesting is Jeepers Peepers quality/price rate. Your second pair is online awaiting

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