Jeepers Peepers ● JP0266

Jeepers Peepers is back with more glamour sunglasses that will get you on your toes. Most of the time cool sunglasses are mad expensive and cheap ones… aren’t good. With a one of a kind vision, the founder of Jeepers Peepers thought that this equation had to stop and worked hard in order to create a revolutionary brand that digs deep in the past in order to create fresh new sunglasses that we can afford.

It’s about time, let’s get familiar with these JP0266 that Elizabeth P is wearing. Inspired by welding glasses that give maximum security to your eyes in a dangerous situation, these ones are destined to a more fashion conscious use where you just want to impress with the lesser light possible on the side of your eyes.

With its structure, part chromed metal, part polycarbonate, these round glasses are designed for both men and women. If you are the trendy type, ready to pick up the sharpest styles, you just can’t ignore the potential of this accessory that will spark your outfit.

From the casual hippie guy that wears round glasses because “John Lennon wore them” to the girl that checks all the fashion blogs to be up to date, there is no way to escape Jeepers Peepers. This brand from London is not distributed here in Italy yet but considering the low prices of this brand you could place an order on the net and in this way you are sure to wear an exclusive pair.

Don’t spread the word too much, play your friend like these are mad expensive. He will trust you…

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