Jeepers Peepers ● JP0322

There is a fantastic universe out there if we talk sunglasses. The sun is just an excuse to wear them most of the times, to have more charisma and symptomatic mystery, to put it in the words of maestro Franco Battiato. What else on they planet can give you more symptomatic mystery than these bad boys by Jeepers Peepers?

Called JP032 the style worn here by Corinne C is nothing short of fabulous. Particularly suitable for those swagger heavy balling-out-of-control ladies, this item is a fashion statement by itself. That’s why to wear these sunglasses you may wear all types of outfits but they all have to follow a condition: they have to drip flavor. They have to be absolutely stunning because this pair deserves nothing less.

These sunglasses are not for rookies but for MVPs of style, considering that its melange of floral motifs on see-through framing has that rockstar attitude that you were looking for. Jeepers Peepers makes style dreams come true with a simple plan: cutting off angles the price must be accessible for everyone without interfering much with the level of quality.

Belonging to the family of the cat eye frames of this brand, this shape (that I featured already with those JP0068) pays homage to the divas of the 50s whose iconic style still has something to teach to young ladies to this very day.

Now that summer is approaching you should work on some fine tuning of your accessories. With Jeepers Peepers on your side and the online store opened 24/7 you’d better take out your claws and pick the cat eye style of your dreams.

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