Jeepers Peepers ● JP051

If there is a right moment to get a pair of sunglasses, the time is now. You will supposedly go on holiday soon, there are back to back sunny days and… Jeepers Peepers is on my blog today. From the UK brand that you are familiar with because of its vintage frames with the right pricepoint, we are checking these sunglasses called JP051. I may keep your attention writing about this or that feature or I may sum it in one word: fabulous.

For those that still want to read about these triacetate beauties, there is an evident desire of glamour when you pick up these sunglasses before you go out. The plaques applied to these sunglasses are a true work of art that make this style really precious. This cat eye frame brings back an era where iconic Hollywood superstars would wear these to cover their eyes from the hangover of legendary parties on the hills.

No matter if cat eye frames are very en vogue or if the eyewear industry is focused on something else at the moment, this is a category that will always be around, considering how much women love to have a… feline attitude

Don’t be afraid to experiment when you wear these JP051: you can dress elegant but also mix it up with some other style, considering how strong is the impact of these sunglasses. There are plenty more that you can check browsing Jeepers Peepers website, if this doesn’t meet your taste.

Gold and diamonds may be exclusive but this is not the case. You just need to add your attitude (and yes, that is not included…)

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