Jeepers Peepers ● Cassidy sunglasses

Our discover of the sunglasses brand from UK called Jeepers Peepers is far from being over. So many frames, so little time so let’s get down to business. Under our inspection today we have the Cassidy. No, not that Cassidy that is good at making hip hop rhymes but a pair of mirrored sunglasses.

Belonging to the aviator section of the Jeepers Peepers website, I picked these because when it’s time to show off nothing is like gold. Add to this the bronze tone of the mirrored lens and you will agree with me that everything is alright when we examine the glamour degree of these sunglasses. The matt front of this frame looks fabulous when paired with the gold structure through four visible screws. Technically speaking these lenses belong to category 3, where you have protection from both visible and UV light, blocking more than 80% of the light.

The difference from your overpriced designer glasses is that here you can cop a pair without worrying about your financial state for three days following your shopping. The philosophy of Jeepers Peepers is all about giving an upgrade to your style, getting the right pair of sunglasses to match your outfit at an interesting pricepoint.

So don’t worry about it: if you really love them, you too can rock the Cassidy like Effie L here. You just need to take some time to browse Jeepers Peepers website and if the Cassidy does not match your taste, you will find the pair(s) of sunglasses that you always dreamed of quite easily. Next time I will show you some prescription frames, stay tuned…

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