Jeepers Peepers – Eva sunglasses

The sunglasses industry is a bit like the universe: infinite and expanding. Everybody is trying to give you a reason to get their sunglasses for different reasons following multiple strategies. Lux brands steal huge amounts of money from you overpricing their pieces, sport brands give you technical sheets that guarantee that your eyes will be never protected better by any other pair of sunglasses by their competitors and then there is everything in between. It’s up to me to save you once again, so let me be your Superman real quick. Here today we have sunglasses by Jeepers Peepers. I first saw it at last Bright Tradeshow and I had to take my snapback off because is production is impressive. A whole booth filled with unusual silouhettes caught my eye so I couldn’t resist and I went in to check out better what the deal was about. The UK sensation that since 2005 stomped real hard on this field has a couple of reasons to become one of your favorites. First is its flavor. Never afraid to dare what others don’t, Jeepers Peepers collection includes men and women sunglasses from the most unconventional to more clean designs but never lacking in inspiration. Second: the quality price rate is extremely convenient and will let you buy more than a pair when you decide that the time has come to have a rockstar swag, like Sara T in this pictures. She is wearing a pair of Eva sunglasses. With its glamorous oversized geometric frame these colorful sunglasses will add charme and mystery to your aura. Just add sun… Pictures courtesy of Letizia Da Re.

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