Jeepers Peepers – Hunter brown

Jeepers Peepers has a deep fascination with vintage. Nothing looks fresher than an outfit where you mix the old with the new. Jeepers Peepers is an established brand in his home turf, loved by the medias, beside its fans. The basic principle of this eyewear brand from UK is to take old frames from the past and redesign them to fit the present, all this with a more than interesting price point. Not everybody wants to invest a capital to buy a pair of sunglasses. Some of us just use them to avoid the sun, putting no special care, throwing them here and there and this modus operandi can’t be applied to ultra expensive sunglasses. At the same time you don’t want to wear random eyewear because, all in all… it’s still your face and you don’t want it to look bad. In this scenario we are giving a look to Hunter brown sunglasses today, here worn by Linda C. Inspired by those welder sunglasses that were hot during the 80s among popstars and new wave fans, this is a much more feminine version. Panels on the side will keep sun rays off while adding charisma and mystery to your image. It’s not the first time that we saw panels on the side of a pair of Jeepers Peepers. Remember those Louis sunglasses that we saw here last March? You have to go the extra mile to have that extra style, so to cop a pair check the website of this brand to get them from the source. You will be unique, just as you like. Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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