Jeepers Peepers ● JP0068

Jeepers Peepers is back with some style suggestions for you, girls. This British eyewear brand represents the icing on the cake when it comes to put together that killer outfit that needs “a special something”.

The proposal of Jeepers Peepers is never ending: all types of styles are features with special attention to vintage frames that seem to be so en vogue these days. These JP0068 sunglasses bring back a classic style that is an heritage of the 50s when you had names like Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe wearing them as a glamorous accessory not to miss. With an inspiration that comes from the past, what makes this sunglasses current is the cut of the lenses. Peep closely these pictures of Serenella M and you will notice that the lenses don’t follow exactly the design of the frame, leaving a sort of hole in the corner that makes these sunglasses ultra nice. To make it even more precious, the cream color inside the frame adds a touch of class.

I dare you that these sunglasses don’t look good but in case you do, no big deal: the section Cat Eyes over at Jeepers Peepers website has fourteen more frames for you to pick. Young fashionistas will find there a treasure island where sunglasses are fresh and prices are reasonable, letting you be à la page without spending crazy amounts of money. So if mixing and matching is your thing and you want to match a classy pair of sunglasses with that distressed denim, Jeepers Peepers got what you need. Feline aggression: what a passion!

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