Jeepers Peepers ● JP0119 sunglasses

The “color of the season” thing basically makes me laugh. The thing is really simple from my own perspective: if you love purple and turquoise, you should wear them just because. What?! Those two colors were en vogue 7 years ago? But what if I like them and the vibe those two colors give me makes me feel good?! I love street fashion but I love individuality and creativity a lot more.

This in our case means that if I want to get a pink pair of sunglasses because this color is much en vogue, it will be very easy to find it but since this is The Maxiemillion I have something special in stock for you. How about a Bubblegum pink frame from Jeepers Peepers?! These JP0119 sunglasses are round as you want them but they are made of metal, not of acetate. I made sure to shoot close up pictures of Beatrice C because the frame has a sort of filigree that sets this item apart.

Jeepers Peepers always does a good job when it comes to give you more for less. The price point formula of this brand that keeps an eye on current trends and the other on affordable quality is working. If once a pair of sunglasses is all you had, now you can have several in order to have a sharp outfit every time without draining your wallet. Peep Jeepers Peepers website and you will be amazed by how many possibilities you have when it comes to pick a pair for the day, no matter if it’s the color of the season or not. Pictures courtesy of Maurizio Milesi.

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