Jeepers Peepers ● JP0202 glasses

I told you I was about to give you more from Jeepers Peepers. After we saw a few sunglasses that I picked from its over extended collection, I wanted to focus on clear lenses. Prescription glasses are becoming more and more important now that we all stare at a computer screen for sever hours, be it for fun or for work and now I’m giving you the perspective of this brand from London who looks at quality with one eye and to pricepoint with the other.

Alice L is wearing a pair of glasses called JP0202. Quite a mix, if I may say so, among a round model and a cat eye one. The light blue clear frame of the front becomes stainless steel on the sides, creating a modern pair of glasses that has that special flavor yet is very discreet. Usually you have more of a vintage flavor when it comes to sunglasses from this brand but this time I wanted a piece that was more an everyday thing, something you may wear daily to show taste and not to show off like we all do with sunglasses sometimes.

So many outfits, so little money and sometimes you feel lost trying to come up with a killer style but you miss a killer pair of glasses. It’s not the case with this brand that is taking over the United Kingdom with an infinite range where you will find the sunglasses of your life. Do yourself a favor: pick more than one pair. With these ridiculously low prices it’s mandatory to grab more than one… Pictures courtesy of Valerio Papetti

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