Jeepers Peepers ● JP0207 glasses

I said it last time that I would have to come back at you with more clear glasses from Jeepers Peepers and as you can see I talk the talk but I also walk the walk.

This brand from UK made a name for itself for its flawless philosophy: an extended sunglasses collection with a vintage inspiration at a very interesting pricepoint. Of course when I saw Jeepers Peepers booth for the first time at Bright Tradeshow, I knew I had to collaborate with this brand. But today we are not dealing with sunglasses, but rather with a pair of clear glasses.

Some of us needs them, some others wear them for fashion but the person that once was labeled as the “uncool guy” of your group of friends because he had glasses, now is… the freshest of the crew. JP0207 is the name of these polycarbonate glasses here worn by Silvia D. Can you tell where does the inspiration come from? It’s a tribute to Malcolm X, whose glasses in the 60s were among the most stylish available. These are a blend of grey, black and chrome that shows a current restyling of a timeless classic. Remember? We saw the same modus operandi with those JP0068: iconic frames from the past brought to a new life.

You should give your outfits a new life too. Add a retro touch to your style with these glasses or with any other that you see on Jeepers Peepers website. Man, woman, sunglasses or clear: there you can find all you want, I’m pretty sure (and your wallet won’t hate on you…).

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