Jeepers Peepers – Louis JP917 sunglasses

Spring is here in a few days so you just can’t get caught off guard when it comes to sunglasses. While some brands propose sunglasses that cost a fortune, Jeepers Peepers wants the dinero to stay in your pocket with an interesting quality price rate. This brand hailing from Great Britain wants you to look sharp with a few sunglasses oozing in style. I said “a few” because Jeepers Peepers wants to pass you a message: if you have an infinite t-shirts choice, a few jackets and some caps, why shall you have only one pair of sunglasses?! Get involved in Jeepers Peepers program where everybody looks fabulous while hides his eyes just to add charisma to his persona. This Louis JP917 is a total black model with a metal frame that has a little something to spark mystery on you. I am talking about the little panels that from the side get to the top. This makes the sun protection more intense because no light is filtering on the side. Somewhat inspired by welder glasses, that are supposed to protect the eyes from dust and dangerous materials but way more stylish, this model is part of the latest Jeepers Peepers collection. That’s why it’s hard to find online. Marked CE, this item belongs to Cat 3. This means that it has Dark lenses with 8-18% transmission and it has to be used in strong sunshine. If you let me add to this, it should also be used with a strong sense of swagger just like Henriett N in these pictures. Ready to give the city your Jeepers Peepers version? Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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