Jeepers Peepers – Ralph JP431

It’s a matter of priorities, status and communication. I’m talking about sunglasses of course. What should be a tool to protect your eyes avoiding direct exposure to sun rays is an industry. A very large one. From top high fashion brands, to eyewear only brands up to cheap sunglasses that end up in skateshops or in gas stations, you have a proposal in front of you that is only similar to car industry: you can get what you want, depending on how often you use it. Don’t forget that when you use it people can tell about your status because your car talks about you (and so do your sunglasses). I showed you already a few pieces by Jeepers Peepers, the brand from UK that keeps the quality/price rate very interesting, right? First a pair of fancy pink and burgundy sunglasses, then a pair to keep it “all black everything” but today we are on a urban luxe style. This brand focuses on vintage frames, retro styles that are much more in demand now as time passes. Serenella M is wearing this pair called Ralph JP431 with gradient brown lenses. Very fashionable and large in size to create an aura of mystery around you, these acetate and metal frames look fabulous (but they let you keep some money in your pockets). Like in other models from Jeepers Peepers, this item belongs to Cat 3. This means that its lenses have 8-18% transmission and even in strong sunshine your eyes are protected. Avoid cheap solutions and let your engine roar real loud: Jeeper Peepers is on your side, ready to ride. Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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