“Well I’ll emerge off ya set, now ya know, Goddamn/I show livin’ large niggaz how to flip a def jam” (GZA)

Let’s face it: in these days of materialistic rap dominating the charts (and all up in your iPods) who wouldn’t love to live large? Hit the club and buy the bar while you show off your Rolie, rocking unlaced Margielas?! Well, JSLV doesn’t play by those rules. This Californian brand is surely down to impress but rather than class than with excess. We saw a cap from them a few weeks ago, remember? Their concept of “living large” includes large hugs by your homies because you filmed some ill tech skateboarding combo on a hubba. Or an extra large tee that flies while you’re landing insane tricks on some ditch terrain, with your deck following your feet. The Huntington Beach based urban brand has to offer an authentic lifestyle piece here. With a team of skate friends representing in the most positive way the good times of skateboarding, JSLV is like me and you: loving a clean style that makes the right player shine in the game. Time to celebrate to the fullest your LA love with the new colorway of their piece that Marie P is wearing called JSLV Livin Large Tank Top. With the good season approaching it’s time to think tanks and this seems an exclusive solution with a definite taste. California easy living is celebrated with this piece distributed by our friends at Rough Distribution with an unusual yet soft toned color palette: army green and navy. Next time you want to stand out while you buy the bar because you’ve just filmed your video part ender, you know what to wear then. Photo courtesy of Simone Montanari

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