Just Hype ● Black Bandanna backpack

Just Hype knows how to break the heart of young students. I don’t know if you remember but last spring we gave a look to one of its backpacks. Called Sunset Palms backpack that one was evoking tropical a laid back and carefree scenario. Now tell me how can a student, that has to carry his books to school on daily basis, not fall in love with a backpack like that?

Hype has a ton of patterns and even different materials (holographic backpack anyone?) to turn these 18 liters capacity backpacks into objects of desire and today… history repeats.

How can I not be sensible to an all over pattern like this? I mean I became a Suicidal Tendencies fan when they recorded their first record in 1983 and their cover had nothing but cholo gangsters, skulls and… bandannas!

Bandannas, after their cowboy phase, got adopted by Los Angeles gang members, hardcore punks and later on even by hip hop crews. In two words: bandannas are street related. It is not something that went unnoticed by the latest generation that had to carry on tradition: trap grandmaster and platinum producer Metro Boomin made the bandanna its headwear of choice.

This Black Bandanna Backpack is also printed on straps and is the essential item that you carry around with you wherever you go. Its main compartment has a protruding front pocket where you keep everything you need handy, from your wallet to your glasses. Pull the suede strap tied around every zip cursor and you are ready to put all you want inside. That’s exactly the point: this item is ready to adapt to your lifestyle. Carry a shoe box full of banknotes if you are a trap king or put inside your books if you are still studying the way to get that box full.

Ask your favorite shop if it carries Hype and, in case it doesn’t, tell the shop owner in an ear, like you are revealing a secret, that Interjeans is the distributor of this brand from UK. Just make it sound like it’s some gangster affair…

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