Just Hype ● Camo Panel Crew

I just browsed extensively Just Hype website and I came to the conclusion that this brand knows exactly what’s up and you just can’t front on what has been an immaculate path. First and foremost once you call yourself in this way there is a healthy dose of self humor that serves also as a shield. No matter what you want to say about any item: it’s… just hype!

With this said there is absolutely nothing funny about the range of items that I just visualized on the website. From sporty 90s style tees with tape stitched on the sleeves up to the shoulders to collaborations with the likes of Coca Cola and Pokemon, it may be just hype but all this is mad real.

I have the pleasure to be really close to the people behind this brand that’s why today I have a preview not available on the website yet. Just check back in a couple of weeks and you will have it online.

Called Camo Panel Crew this item is another confirmation of the fact that to play with vivid patterns is always a pleasure for the designers. But the next level is just there when instead of a regular crewneck such pattern is applied to a cut and sew item that sets the style bar higher, as you can see from these photos of Elena S.

This urban camouflage with royal blue and khaki accents is less aggressive and more street fashion, let alone that newly designed camouflage patterns are the hot thing now, from what I see these days.

No surprise, considering that Hype is quick to catch what the hype is. Could it be any different? For questions on this brand ask to Blue Distribution: Hype has no secrets for this unit.

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