Just Hype ● Charcoal Reflective Script Snapback

One thing is sure: when your name is Just Hype you have to know what’s going on in the world of streetwear. No excuses, it’s your lifetime mission. The brand hailing from London is doing his thing for a while, being founded in 2011. Part of Interjeans roster for a few seasons now, I explored far and wide what this brand is capable of, from exotic backpacks to contemporary hoodies, there are no weak spots when it comes to Hype collections.

I didn’t venture in its headwear zone up to now but it’s never too late, so I thought that we should start with a banger. What are the ongoing trends? Branded taped t-shirts and pants are still keeping up but not for long. Pajama style pants are about to take over. Exaggerated bulky sneakers seem to be still appealing, we didn’t reach the peak yet. But there is something that has been around for a while but did not blow up yet. Up to now.

I’m talking about reflective gear. From street worker neon yellow style vests to the accents on your sneakers, reflective details are a feature very in demand by the sharpest streetwear fans. Blame it on the fascination of the night and sport combined, or simply on the need to be seen by any means (in any sense you want it) but reflective is the way to go.

That’s why I couldn’t be more stoked on this Charcoal Reflective Script Snapback. It’s entirely reflective from the visor to the crown. Wear it at the club and the photographer will reveal it when he shoots a picture of you and your boys. Don’t get me started on the surprise effect, after your friends see this unexpected feature…

As far as its 3d embroidery it’s thick, perfectly executed and right in the center of the crown, with no need for other frills. Feel free to create the most out of the ordinary outfits with it: there is no way to make it wrong when this cap is involved. Give a look to Hype website but once you see this cap don’t reflect too much: just cop it!

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Photos courtesy of Martina Oberti

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