Just Hype ● Double Justhype t-shirt

You may remember that it’s not the first time that Just Hype ends up on The Maxiemillion. The British brand started to move its first steps in 2011 and quite a few things changed since then but guess what? Hype just kept going through its changes and never stopped like good ole’ Puffy taught the world.

This British brand blew up in a period where it basically stood out because, to make a long story short, it was the undisputed champion of sublimated prints. I told you about this since the very first Hype t-shirt that I ever posted. So now, to survive the test of the haters that point their fingers and say: “It was all about that and now Hype is not fresh anymore”, we have an amazing t-shirt that will put them to silence.

Nothing is sublimated here: we are talking about a heather grey t-shirt with a white screen print. Simplest thing ever? Indeed! Deja vu? Absolutely not. Considering that in general the trend now is small print on the chest and big print on the back, Hype designers went the extra mile here. This Double Justhype t-shirt, a mens item here worn by Marta P, has a logo on the front in a quite unusual place, let alone the retro font used for the back print.

On an ending note, this brand now changed its Italian home: Hype can now count on Blue Distribution to be found on the shelves of your favorite streetwear store.

You don’t have much to do to rock Hype: just sit, wait next season and you will see what I am talking about…

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