Just Hype ● East Script hoodie

Just Hype is more than a brand: it’s a global movement representing the freedom to be yourself. Don’t you feel like sometimes they are just throwing at you a zillion reasons to buy expensive and hard to find stuff, to make you feel out of place if you don’t cop it?! Are you able to recognize good from bad? By this I mean good reasons from bad reasons…

I was walking outside that store in Los Angeles that represents the epitome of streetwear hype just to find a long line of kids that are by no way close to my lifestyle or my experiences in pre-internet era so this made me think. Sometimes we want to belong to a group when we shop for apparel. Sometimes we do it to step out of a group we don’t feel part of. Hype just wants you to join the thousands of people worldwide that are having fun wearing what they like.

You can have it all when you deal with Hype: no reselling, no expensive items that you will never afford but a very interesting quality /price rate on a never ending range that allows you to cop everything you desire without losing your coolness.

Let’s talk about this East Script hoodie here worn by Luis M now. With the Script logo that we last saw on that women’s style called Justhype Black hoodie, you can’t go wrong with this item that will drop in stores soon. The Script logo that is one of the left motifs of this band from UK gets a restyling with some far east ideograms that brings us to the first sentence: Hype is a global movement.

You have confirmation of what I just wrote checking out the Instagram profile of @hypetaiwan that with 42.7k followers is nothing to be taken lightly for an independent clothing brand like this.

For what concerns our corner of Europe called Italy there is no need to have almond eyes to get in touch with Interjeans and get the list of the nearest shops that deal in Hype…
Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo

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