Just Hype ● COG Crest tee + JHL Black And White Stripe beanie

If we talk United Kingdom, Just Hype has no competition in urban apparel. Of course the brand spread all over Europe and beyond but if you would take a walk on the streets of London, you would understand what I am saying in no time. There is a sort of hometown pride about Hype that makes it without a doubt the most popular name on the streets where you drive on the left lane.


There is no secret but hard work in providing everyone what they expect: from the most vivid full print to a discreet item like the t-shirt that I posted here not long ago, Hype has what you want.


Here in these pictures you can see an outfit where you find the COG Crest mens t-shirt together with the JHL Black and White Stripe beanie. When will black and white be out of fashion? Never, of course!


It’s an ever fresh combination where the pom pom beanie makes it sweet and funny while the black t-shirt relies on the strength of its hand script logo that all the fans of the brand love. But in this case instead of being large in size, camping all over the front of your tee like in most Hype tees, here it’s in the center of a circular saw.


Cutting off the competition is this brand’s mission and working with such a tool makes the job way easier.


Blue Distribution is now in charge of this brand for Italy so if you want to get the London look, you know who you have to contact. Think global but… look British!

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