Just Hype ● Forest Edwards Men’s Crewneck

The hype wave from London has been hitting Italians shores since the 70s. No matter if it was a matter of rocking punk leather jackets, nautical jackets or rare and expensive contemporary hypebeast apparel, the UK has been schooling the rest of Europe for many decades now. Far from being over, such wave now has a name and is called Just Hype.

Probably the original founder Liam Green could not expect such a global takeover but I can’t call it in any other way. I do not know many other brands that can claim to their name collaborations by the likes of Disney, Playstation, Budweiser, Star Wars and this is only about the general perception of the brand.

If we talk about Hype range we need to sit then, because we are going to talk for a long time: a whole men’s line, but also women and kids have their own collections. Did you say accessories? Hype let The Maxiemillion readers recognize its potential in this field when we recently gave a look to Black Bandanna backpack but there is much more even in this section.

Among its proposal I picked up this Forest Edwards men’s crewneck that gives a fresh twist to the color block scheme. Forget the usual 3 bands of colors that look dejà vu and look how this cut and sew crewneck shows the potential of Hype when it comes to innovation.

Here beside the forest green and the burgundy blocks there are two bands of neon pink on the internal side of the sleeves, connecting them to the body of the crewneck on the sides. Not only it makes sense to wear this colorway all year long but the shade of pink makes it eye catching while green puts a touch of class, creating a contrast that looks really new.

If you want to stay updated with street fashion follow Just Hype Italy instagram profile and for what concerns your shop, just make it get in touch with Interjeans. Then you will believe the hype…

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