Just Hype ● Justhype Black hoodie

Gone are the days where Spike Lee impersonating Mookie was saying to Radio Raheem “That’s the hype!” looking at his Love / Hate golden rings. Nowadays hype is on something else and it keeps on changing, powered by smartphones and high speed wi-fi connections where you and your friends decide what’s hot and what’s not.


Just Hype is always hot. The British brand created a script logo that never gets you tired and its certified street origins, together with the level of craftsmanship make it a winner every time it drops a new item. Its approach to street garments is the best and most of all stays authentic to its name: it includes… all things hype.


What is the above concept for you? Mineral washes? Graphic flips of the flavor of the month? Viscose branded taping on the sleeves of your tracksuit? This brand shows no weak spots as far as having a range where everyone can find its niche.


This time we are checking Justhype Black Hoodie, a wardrobe staple to stay protected during winter and to wear without jacket when the good season is in full effect. Black like the Omen but ready to shine with its yellow gold accents, this men’s item is all about pledging your allegiance to the hype.


Do you feel that this shade of gold is a bit cloudy and you want something that shines for real? Check the tips of the hood cord, just like those that we saw on Square Cedar hoodie a few months ago. The two hoodies also share the same kangaroo pocket


This brand that recently entered Interjeans roster will be ready soon to be touched and tested in all BeStandard stores in Italy. In the meantime do the right thing and stay hyped on this brand: you have all the reasons to.
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Photos courtesy of Michele Marossi photo

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