Just Hype ● Khaki Camo Patches crewneck

Just Hype is that taste of UK that doesn’t go unnoticed. It’s been a long ride that founder Liam Green started in 2011 and it never lost momentum. Blame it on the way of the brand to be contemporary just as its name suggests or on the correct quality price rate (how about both combined?) but Hype is fresh just as its large fanbase demands.

Even if in these days Hype is busy with its Disney collaboration, I venture in another territory, one of my favorites to be exact: camouflage. The approach of this brand to apparel is simple yet effective. Looking around and noticing what sharp individuals wear is the ultimate form of inspiration. In these days where camouflage is in its new throwback wave and patches are highly in demand on denim jackets, Hype thought that it was a smart move to create a crewneck fleece with a military style but… with its own urban twist.

Take a woodland camouflage, give it a grey and black makeover, add a lot of polka dots, stitch eight colorful patches on sleeves and you have it: Khaki Camo Patches Crewneck.

It’s like a double edged sword: you may rock this item beneath a Winter jacket or a sleeveless vest and the effect is very different but both of these solutions are highly praised, in style wars.

In the first case you keep the secret weapon of the patches covered just to uncover them when people least expect it, blinding them Laser sword style. In the second you attack straight up, unleashing the full potential of these colorful patches from the start. You do the math, considering where will you wear this item, distributed by Interjeans like the rest of Hype collection.

No matter if you envision this crewneck as a gift or if you want to wear one yourself, even here we deal with a double edged sword and you just can’t escape it…
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Photos courtesy of Simone Montanari

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