Just Hype ● Mango Fade Track Men’s joggers

Say all you want about the brand from London know as Just Hype but there is an aspect where you can’t really touch this brand: perfect timing. If you think about it for a minute the whole situation is is right under your eyes. By hype, according to the almighty Urban Dictionary, you mean: “to create interest in by flamboyant or dramatic methods; promote or publicize showily”. To make a long story short hype is freshness.

Now the thing is: if you aren’t quick, by the time you cop something thinking you are fresh… you already are deja vù. It’s a kind of never ending story: keeping in check a creative environment for street fashion such as the streets of London, you don’t risk to run dry on inspiration.

That’s why we are checking these Mango Fade Track Men’s joggers today: to define to what extent Hype has been able to stick to the script. The bands on the side of your track pants have been very in demand for a couple of seasons now but as you know the sportswear wave in streetwear doesn’t seem to stop.

Here the strategy is to cross two trends: track pants with bands and gradient colorways. Take off the loop of branding from your bands and turn them into side panels where a gradient black turns into yellow. Isn’t the result crisp?

Complete with stretch waistband and side pockets, the only risk wearing this pant is that it looks so contemporary that you don’t feel like wearing anything else once you try it on. Its regular fit is ready to blend in your closet, taking the rate of fashion faux pas to a minimum.

The hard task of representing the brand has been given to the woven Crest badge that this brand is know for, together with the Script, the other main branding of Hype. Now that you know that I back up this item to the fullest it’s time to connect your shop with Interjeans, the Italian distributor of this brand. Be quick: make it with… perfect timing.

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Photos courtesy of Ema / Nema

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