Just Hype ● Midnight Rose Square Cedar Men’s Hoodie

Just Hype or fake hype? I have to go with the first! Hype is back on the blog scene today. Never out of trend (as the name suggests), the UK champ of all Euro streetwear brands is here with Midnight Rose Square Cedar Men’s Hoodie.

I would love to know why roses are everywhere this year. There are a few waves in streetwear that for no specified reasons come, stay and go and you didn’t even noticed how all the process went down. It may be an hamburger rather than a camera printed on a tee like it’s hanging on your neck. Before you see it here, then there, then everywhere. Roses are probably the strongest wave of this kind that ever happened to streetwear.

Let’s get some ideas out of the bag. Roses are romantic and our society is slowly turning into a cold world therefor we need more of them. Roses are beautiful and no matter how things may change, this fact doesn’t. Roses are a popular tattoo subject and since tattoos are the hot thing in this decade you can’t go wrong with such design.

May I be honest? I’m not convinced by any of my hypothesis, probably roses have a Mason meaning that I am totally missing.

What I’m totally convinced about is the quality of this hoodie here worn by Elisa C. From what we saw already from Hype it’s easy to say that this brands takes its care for detail to the next level. I do not know many brands that engrave their name in these metallic cover ups of the cord to pull the hoodie. Check how the screen print is accurate and doesn’t overlap to the pocket


Let me end this post with the words of Sir Edmund Spenser: “Roses are red, Violets are blue/Blue is Hype distributor, yeah, that’s true”
Shop online for this item here > https://www.justhype.co.uk/hype-cedar-midnight-rose-square-men-s-pullover-hoodie-d1a265
Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo

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