Just Hype ● Pixel Script Men’s t-shirt

It’s only a logo. It doesn’t do much: it just represents what you are offering as far as concept, product and service. Then, if the topic of discussion is streetwear, it is part of the game that your logo will end up on t-shirts and fleeces, beside the rest. This is where the fun part begins for designers.

British designer Liam Green came out of nowhere in 2011 founding Hype because of this: the ability to catch hype waves before they were popular and represent the best ones with its touch, developing a huge apparel range. Bav Samani is the strategic partner believing in the talent of the emerging stylist and together they turned Hype into a household name. Not everyone can count to their name collaborations by the likes of Playstation, Budweiser and Toy Story

With the goal to “keep it fresh” constantly, several variations on the logo surface at each season. There is not a big margin for creativity sometimes yet real streetwear designers find the challenge stimulating. This leads to brilliant items that thanks to an intuition that can be minimal, hits hard, like Just Hype Pixel Script Men’s t-shirt.

In these fast connected times it looks kind of out of place to see a pixellated logo. So you start to ask yourself how comes that you are seeing pixels. And wait: is this real life or the screen of my smart tv…? Is this digital life taking me to far? I love items that make people question if they are alright or there is something wrong with them. Don’t trip: it’s just a brilliant logo tee. I picked it during my last visit at Italian distributor Interjeans because as I wrote above… it hits hard. It’s like the t-shirt chose me and not vice versa.

Ready to be worn in a 24/7 mode, no matter where you are, this t-shirt performs at its best in collective videogames sessions and any computer related nerd situation. Make your connection with fresh streetwear stronger by rocking a Hype tee: they all deserve your attention.

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