Just Hype ● Poly Stripe Men’s Hoodie

Just Hype ability to pick trends and give them its own personal twist is truly impressive. No material or craftsmanship is off limits when it comes to bring flavor to your closet and this item is further proof.

It seems that you can’t be safe from retro inspired sportswear such as track jackets with bands on the side of sleeves, rather than sweatpants with the same style. This is what the 90’s brought us and such trend is at its peak now. It is at this point that, since everybody jumped into the trend, you can tell good from bad. While you should avoid flashy, poorly crafted items of this kind, you should look for inspired sportswear pieces that show a genuine flavor.

The inspiration is not missing today, as you can see from these shots of Kim M. Hype blended the traits of a zipper hoodie with the material and the bands of a vintage polyester track jacket. With the intention to be the least flamboyant possible, this Poly Stripe Men’s hoodie is ready to slide into your outfits with finesse.

No branded bands but all white ones, playing on a strong contrast with this black zippered hoodie: watch them get along nicely with black laser etched thermo glued branding on chest.

We are in front of a little big masterpiece where even the small details come into play. Peep how neat is Just Hype embossed on the chromed tips of the cord of this hood.

You can rely on Hype when it comes to have a crispy contemporary style at a correct quality / price rate and the good people over at Interjeans knew this from the start, when they decided to include this British brand into their proposal. If I was you at this point I would pass by a BeStandard store to try this item on. Too Lazy? Shy? No problem, BeStandard website got people like you served: shop till you dry your bank account, now!
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Photos courtesy of Simone Montanari

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