Just Hype ● Red Jackson Mens Crewneck

I smile if I look at this crewneck. The smile of success is what I’m about. I saw this Just Hype item before it was available in stores at Pitti Immagine and I fell in love with the way the woven label on the arm looked and I wanted to wear it and… here it is.


It seems like the brand founded by Liam Green found an inspiration in one of the most popular brands that dress terrace football fans. Well: Hype is a British brand, Brits love football so it all makes sense.


I love how this brand brings out many facets according to an ever growing fan base that, if at the beginning was only composed by a young demographic whose goal was to “dress to impress”, nowadays can dress even a more mature audience.


This Red Jackson Mens Crewneck is a twist on the original formula that only confirms how Hype has the know how in apparel on lock. To understand more what I am talking about give a look to the posts that I already made about this British streetwear brand. Making an impact on youth street culture with vivid sublimated print was just the starting point: this plain crewneck with zippered pockets is proof.


Look how confident Elena S looks in these pictures, sure of the fact that her style is on point. I dare to add a detail that doesn’t hurt: the quality / price rate of this item is extremely interesting, representing another plus if you are feeling this vivid red crewneck.


If you are feeling Hype worldwide vibe all you have to do is to get in touch with its Italian distributor called Interjeans that makes this brand available in your city. If you have an hard time finding it feel free to get in touch with Interjeans and they will reply with a smile, probably wider than mine…
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Photos courtesy of Martina Oberti

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