Just Hype ● Reflective Script Grey Dad Hat

There is nothing you can do to stop the movement represented by Just Hype. The brand that conquered loyalty from UK teenagers and beyond, kept its momentum going from 2011 up to now, with back to back brilliant collections. Founders Liam Green and Bav Samani made Hype a solid reality that never lacks appeal for their young demographic, always demanding the next level from the brand. It ain’t hard to tell: with such a name you surely don’t want classic sportswear.

When you rock Hype, you just have one strong desire: to be in the spotlight and today we will explore an option that goes exactly in that direction. Just make sure the light is not too strong otherwise someone could end up blinded.

Reflective Script Grey Dad Hat is the name and stealing attention is the game. Its structure follows the guidelines of any dad hat: a wrapping unstructured crown, a curved visor and a little embroidered logo. This is the general formula but Hype updated it with a highly reflective fabric. These shots are made with an iPhone in a point of shadow of a garden at 1.30 pm, just to give you the picture, and look how bright the cap looks. It literally glows!

When standing out is your lifetime mission, you can’t let this option go. A true magnet for attention, this futuristic headwear piece tells nice things about you when you wear it: you love progression and conventional clothing is too stale for your avant-garde mindset.

Wear it how you like, no matter if you are more of the guy that blends sportswear and streetswear rather than someone that mixes a few high fashion accessories and sneakers in his outfits: once your goal is represent what the hype is, this cap is never out of place.

As an ending note, give a look to the branded brass closure and you get the picture of the high standard of quality of this cap, whose price is all but unaffordable. Get in touch with Hype Italian distributor Interjeans in order to let your style shine above the rest.

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