Just Hype ● Retro Sports Block t-shirt

Just Hype attention to current trends is one in a million. No matter what you see around and where: at the skatepark like at the festivals that you will attend these months, rather than at the club… people show off with their best outfits. Deep observation of the fast changing, ever evolving, street style is the priority that kept this brand on top of things all these years. Liam Green original vision to appeal with an out of step brilliant proposal, celebrating individuality, was effective in 2011 and it still is to this day.

If there is a trend that profiled for a couple of seasons now and is still fresh (probably because it never blew up to pop levels) is the football inspired t-shirt. I picked this item because I could tell from far that it was contemporary and smart but once I had it in my hands I had a great surprise.

Check these shots of Desiré C and tell me: doesn’t she look like she stole this mens tee to her boyfriend? This is the styling that I wanted to give to this item, with a general urban and carefree vibe but the surprising details that make this tee special will get you on your toes.

Check how the apparently all black nylon fabric beside being really lightweight is also striped and branded on a monochromatic black on black tone.

If there is one thing that always intrigued me is black on black colorways and the idea to wear this tee in my best club nights this Summer is surely something that I look up to. If I was way younger I would wear this tee at any occasion, regardless and fierce. This was a way to tell you that Hype can dress your best moments from young to mature age. Wanna figure out better what I am writing here? Browse Hype section on BeStandard and you will find something for your Summer nights (and your sharp days).

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Photos courtesy of Giulia Casamenti

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