Just Hype ● Rigden Men’s Crewneck

Welcome to another episode of The Maxiemillion, the serie… I mean, the blog that keeps on telling you what’s fresh and what’s trash. It is a crucial moment of the year, so I am in charge of a hard task these days: giving you suggestions about what to wear on New Years Eve. Today Just Hype proposal meets the progressive expectations of my perspective on streetwear.

This is how I see it these days: we need items that have to be sharp on several levels, ready to get social acceptance in different situations and Rigden men’s crewneck is exactly that. It is a well balanced mix of classic and contemporary, plain and cut and sew.

What is more classic than a heather grey crewneck?! I don’t know about you but that is my “go-to pullover”, that I would wear over and over, everywhere. Hype designers wanted to give back to such timeless item, adding cut and sew panels and tapes slightly reminiscing of that Italian high end maison. But this is something to go see a football match with, but you can also take your girl out for dinner wearing Rigden, considering how transversal is its appeal.

The cut and sew approach to design consists of a central contrasting panel with coordinated tape both on chest and sleeves. This allows you to wear it with a sleeveless vest that can exploit to the fullest the potential of its design.

To make such design sharp as you like it, there is an effective branding on the left sleeve: a squared woven label with a ribbon. Your image is guaranteed to be fresh! The last cut and sew detail is the opening of the hem on the sides, giving it a touch of the OG rugby polo, adding a retro aura to this item.

Hype can be found at your local shop when it’s time to give a twist for better to your style. In case it is not available, just let it connect it with Italian distributor Interjeans and you will get sharp in no time.

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