Just Hype ● Sunset Palms backpack

If there is a category that holds a special place in Just Hype collections we are probably talking about that part of urban luggage called backpack. There are so many that it’s virtually impossible to say how many of them saw the light of day (and think about how many samples never went into production) but the thing is that they are all irresistible.

Forget the backpack for urban professionals that even forgot their teen years: this one is the ideal companion of students and sporty types that in their years of school need a rucksack that can help them in their simple and carefree life (yes, you read right through the lines: I’m jealous).

So no special thermic compartment, no laptop sleeve, no roll up top but a classic backpack made of ballistic nylon with an external pocket: just what a young man needs.

As I told you above there is an endless quantity around and this is what makes Hype backpacks special: the fact that you will never see another backpack looking like yours.

The demographic target for this item is also real good at customizing it with pins, badges and patches, let alone extraordinarily wise claims made with markers but Hype gives you a helping hand, creatively speaking.

Look how nice is the sublimated print of this Sunset Palms backpack, here worn by Nicole B. On a black background these palms on the pocket are literally on fire, ready to capture all the attention of your squad of friends.

Hype is a longtime supporter of The Maxiemillion and its name is making the buzz for a few seasons in Europe. It is now part of the roster of brands belonging to InterJeans.

If you want to witness firsthand what this brand is capable of, pass by Pitti Immagine today where Hype has a booth with the next collection. Don’t worry: there are items for all ages.
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