Just Hype ● Tie Dye Crest Pullover Hoodie

Who can stop the tie-dye wave that is taking over both streetwear and conventional fashion? Not me, especially when I am in front of items such as this hoodie by Just Hype.

It ain’t hard being based in London to come up with streetwear items fitting the trends and if you consider that most trends start in that city, we may think that Hype mission isn’t difficult. Wrong! Nothing good comes easy and as you see from all the Hype items that I posted previously, this brand takes matters real seriously… when it comes to have fun dressing up.

Tie Dye Crest Pullover Hoodie is not “just another version” of the classic multicolor tie dye spiral. You can perceive a light blue tone over the dying of this item. Its spiral is not as neat as the others that you may see around. It seems like it is undergone to a different treatment as the stains of colors are irregular and this is what makes it special.

We are dealing with a plush fleece that being washed and dyed has a worn look. It looks like it brings back those days where hippies only wore items with this retro way to customize them.


With its kangaroo pocket where Sara P loves to keep her hands, this hoodie is cozy just as you like it. To make this hoodie complete we find the same crest branding that we saw one year ago on the Pink Tie Dye Boyfriend Pullover Hoodie that I posted here.

There is virtually no way for me to give you suggestions on how to wear this: everything goes. It’s a men’s item that a girl may wear but it can also slip inside any outfit and look awesome just because of the joyful vibe it brings. You know what to do at this point right? Look for the nearest BeStandard Store to touch and feel Hype items or cop them online on Hype section on BeStandard website. You will be way above other standards with this crazy hoodie

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