Just Hype ● Tiger Snakeskin Dip t-shirt

First and foremost I am sorry but I gotta be honest: I have a deep respect for UK and anything that comes from it. With this said let’s give a huge round of applause to Hype. Also known as Just Hype, this brand is a fairy tale come true. It’s like your typical rags to riches story: a couple of friends invest a little amount of money to produce a few runs of t-shirts, people reacts really good, they re-invest on the brand what they earned and next thing you know this Italian little blog that you are reading is reviewing a Hype t-shirt distributed by SRD. It all happened starting in 2011 so if you allow me say it, Hype is the new kid on the block of this urban entity that our world is all about. If I had to define their brand in two words I would say “wild style”. Nothing is safe from the raid of their artistic action: from Einstein face to galaxy themes, from Renaissance art to hawk feathers, these guys know how to put fun back in streetstyle. Like their graphic direction wasn’t enough to make me water at the mouth, their production has a high standard of quality. Look at this Tiger Snakeskin Dip t-shirt that Valentina Z is rocking here. This piece has a sublimated print that is impossible to feel under your fingers, a very thin collar and a proper fit. These are simply the top three features when you look for a t-shirt. To be a tiger and a snake at the same time never felt this good before.

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