Just Hype ● Warning Tape men’s t-shirt

How brilliant is the concept that Just Hype is based on?! This brand from UK puts freshness as a priority and it takes pleasure in re-inventing itself each and every time. So much time has passed from the very first sublimated allover print t-shirt I posted here but Hype kept on doing what it does: drop affordable streetwear that looks great, always on trend.


Is there something hotter than taping on sleeves and sweatpants these days? How could Hype not take this matter into its own hands and create something extremely brilliant?! The starting point was to create a tape with sharp design then pick different items to sew such tape. The selection went on a pair of shorts, men’s and women’s long sleeve tee and this Warning Tape men’s t-shirt.


Complete with the same embroidery on chest that we saw recently on that Tigers Flowers t-shirt, Hype created the ultimate all round item, that you can wear literally everywhere. This means from the gym to a dinner and everything in between.


The point of strength of this item is without a doubt the transversal nature of its design. Now that you have urban luxe brands creating expensive items with taping and deconstructed designs, the sportswear roots of such items are not anymore related to the track field. Now on the contrary you show sign of keeping up with these fast times in constant evolution.


The outcome is evident: in order to look good you don’t need to drain your bank account when Hype got your back. Interjeans felt the potential of such brand and this is the reason why it has been included in its roster, being part of its proposal for a couple of seasons now. In order to get deeper on the subject what you should do is reach the nearest BeStandard store to try some items while you ask mad questions to the shop assistant that will help you. As an alternative free to buy Hype online on BeStandard website (you have very interesting sales on already low prices, don’t miss them)
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