Just Hype ● Zebra Floral Men’s T-shirt

Animal prints go way back in streetwear culture. Way back means when the word wasn’t invented yet. I’m talking about punk rock. Punks were in the streets all day when streetwear was not even a style. You had them wearing ripped denim with cheetah print tees or tiger striped garments.

Just Hype is not punk at all but… it’s totally a streetwear brand and, let’s face it, streetwear loves to borrow from punk (just like high fashion). What else? Old English fonts were brought back by that street goth trend real quick but even the punk band English Dogs had its logo written with this font.

The thing is that this Zebra Floral Men’s T-shirt is not punk at all. Look at its hem: shorter on the sides for a more current look. How about its colors? I think you have to drink way too much Curacao based drinks to see a zebra with ochre and blue stripes. Isn’t a zebra white and black?

The only think that this tee may share with punk movement is the fact that both are fabulous and full of energy of their own. How can you deny the impact of the men’s t-shirt that Sally B is wearing?!

I’m asking you too many questions: time for facts now! London Shoreditch is where Boxpark is, this open air mall made with recycled containers where Hype has a flagship store. This tee is here to put your focus on this fact but basically it has a rose on it, the most hyped streetwear element in this season, and this alone should be more than enough to love this item. Be a lover: cop this Hype tee online (and save the Queen if God has something else to do).

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