Just Hype – Dip Flowers Raglan by Frontline Distribution

I am psyched to show you a piece from Just Hype today that is the illest of the ill. The British brand born in 2011 is here again with more fire. You saw a few pieces from this brand posted here already so you know what level to expect. From that snakeskin/tiger tee, to the galaxy bucket up to last week when we saw a plain script tee but today’s item from this brand is very special. We all have seen floral prints somewhere, raglan t-shirts are nothing new, dip dye is still going strong but what if we combine all these elements in one piece? Hype went all out on this Dip Flowers Raglan and the result as you can see from the pictures of Natalì I is an amazing long sleeve t-shirt. Not only the color palette is perfect for summer weather but there is a detail that I have never seen before. I am talking about that ring around the neck that instead of being pink or blue is printed with the same pattern of the sleeves. Not by accident this London brand is gaining momentum both in its home base and abroad. Quick to get inspired by current trends and make them its own with inspired designs, proper fits and quality materials, Hype has all the features that you are looking for. If you dress to impress, you are about to achieve your goal with this piece. Tell your shop to get Hype from Euro super distributor Frontline Apparel Ltd. whose Italian agent is SRD Distribution. Leave your guns at home: it’s roses time! Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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