Just Hype – Doughnuts t-shirt + shorts

We have seen a few options coming from Just Hype so I thought it was about time to venture into a new territory: the total look. We are talking about one of UK most progressive streetwear brands so don’t expect anything low profile: here the main goal is happiness, the celebration of the good things in life and the need to pass this message. What’s better than a doughnut in life? Not many things, that’s why Hype wanted to give full exposure to an object of desire very well known among youngsters all over the world. Here the first quality sublimated print meets the outer space of a parallel dimension where doughnuts are not only flying but… they have the power to make you fly too. This mens t-shirt has a slim fit and the unisex shorts are super comfortable with a larger fit and an elastic string closure that also has a cord. Rest assured: these two pieces that Michela B is wearing look good even if you don’t wear them together. The Doughnut t-shirt may be worn with whatever your soul feels like and the same is for the Doughnut shorts. In my perspective these items shall be worn with plain items to avoid to overcharge your visual impact but at the end of the day it’s always up to you, my friend. Hype is distributed all over Europe by the kind people over at Frontline Apparel Ltd whose Italian agent is SRD Distribution. Get in contact with them for an intergalactic trip up to the limits of streetwear dipped in Hype from head to toe. Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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