Just Hype – Galaxy Space Print Bucket by Frontline Apparel ltd

It’s funny how things go full circle sometimes. When I was starting to skate my mentors were two Bristolian brothers that had a fanzine called Skate Muties from the 5th Dimension. They were very funny and one of their claims was “Watch the skies”. They even had a badge that said so. Now I’m looking at a bucket hat from UK with a galaxy print so here we go again: i’m watching the sky as somebody from the UK suggests. That somebody is called Just Hype or more simply Hype and if you have a good memory it’s not the first time that we bump into this brand distributed by Frontline Apparel ltd. Hype came into the streetwear scene as the king of sublimated prints. Nothing is too crazy as far as patterns here. From donuts to flowers, from octopus tentacles to dolphins, Hype just wants to shock you. All this while having a lot of fun and caring about quality at the same time. It’s easy to come up with a full print of some sort but… Hype does it better. Made of a kind of light cordura fabric, this piece is dope to its very last detail, as it’s easy to see. This Galaxy Space Print bucket that Michela B is wearing is ready for whatever adventure your soul desires. From a summer festival to a street art expo nothing is safe from your style attack. For those reading this in Italy, Frontline Italian agent is SRD Distribution so jump inside your space shuttle and head up there to get all the Hype gear of the galaxy. Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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