Just Hype – Jewellery Floral shorts + t-shirt by Frontline Apparel Ltd

You know what makes Just Hype a unique brand? The quantity of patterns that it releases. There is an infinite bunch of these sublimated prints that end up on t-shirts, fleeces, shorts, jogger pants, tanks and backpacks that you may have a very few possibilities to meet somebody else that has the same one. For the bling bling lovers out there today we are giving a look to the Jewellery Floral pattern. It seems like the designer here wanted to give a romantic twist to the greedy concept of jewelry throwing in some flowers here and there. The funny feeling that comes from the outfit that Veronica R is wearing is automatic but there is nothing funny about the empire that Hype built. Started in 2011 as a test, this brand quickly become a trendsetter riding this sublimated print wave. Who could imagine that such a test would have made this brand a leader whose garments are available through major accounts in the UK and all over Europe?! I guess that having an ear close to the streets and a smart mentality must help a lot in this case. Only somebody that can see the next level would put into production flamboyant t shirts and shorts like these. Time gave justice to this brand that gave to the new kids on the block exactly what they were waiting for. If you too are waiting for Hype to no end, tell your shop to get in touch with the European distributor Frontline Apparel Ltd. or with its Italian agent SRD Distribution, and you too will have soon a unique style. Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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