Just Hype – Purple Stein t-shirt by Frontline Apparel Ltd

Nobody can drop vivid t-shirts like Just Hype. The brand born in 2011 with the mission to create unexpected patterns and loud color combinations with no holds barred, can’t be stopped. This Purple Stein t-shirt is a clear example of what I just said. Put a purple part on top followed by a gold center and a flower part at the bottom and you may think you have enough but there is more. You’d better think like a genius because… you also have Einstein on the back. Not a normal Einstein but an evil one, that has an x on his forehead like he was related to Charles Manson. The genius that I just mentioned has been part of Hype collections before, both on 5 panel caps and on backpacks. Is there a limit to creativity? At Hype they are expanding beyond such limit and they seem to have fun while doing it. Will you dare to put some color in your life? There are no rules when you approach such a style and you can do like Elena S that rocks this tee with shorts or… in a completely different way. To subvert the schemes of the streetwear industry with unexpected t-shirts seems a game for these designers and like always in these cases the fun is contagious. That’s why this brand from UK has a major following in its home base and it’s available through some major stores in the heart of London. Here in Italy you can find Hype in all Treesse stores, being Treesse the mother company of SRD Distribution, the agent for our territory of euro distributor Frontline Apparel Ltd.

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