Just Hype x Disney ● Cast Script Men’s Crewneck

When I think of Just Hype I can’t do nothing but smile, thinking of how proud of themselves Liam Green and Bav Samani must be, when they think of how everything started and where they are now. Liam was a brilliant art student and Bav turned his street dreams into reality. How could they ever imagine that what they envisioned with Hype would be so big one day to create collaboration capsules with Budweiser, Playstation and… Disney?!

It is on the latter that we focus today with this Cast Script Men’s Crewneck, that has been designed before Disney had a love affair with that Italian luxury brand. The main characters that started the whole Disney empire are all here, clockwise around the Hype Script logo. We saw such logo already in my previous Hype posts, do you remember?

Showing Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Minnie, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck and Pluto faces, it is automatic for me to think about all the hours that I spent reading their stories, learning the “between the lines teachings” that would expect me later on in life.

Hype, on the contrary, can teach you how a crewneck has to be. Such crewneck comes with regular fit, vivid and definite print and sleeves with a raglan cut, for a better look . This brand has a quality / price rate that is more than affordable and you know that even this plays its part when it comes to choose a fleece (if high fashion prices are off limits for you) .

Complete with Disney iconic signature on the sleeve, a detail that could not miss, this crewneck represents a way to keep alive your inner child, to state what you grew up with. Consider it also a way to have a deeper connection with your kids, if you are a young dad that wants to play it cool.

Interjeans is the current distributor of this brand so don’t think twice, tell your favorite shop to connect with this entity in order to start selling Hype, a brand that can make smile shop owners and customers alike.

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Photos courtesy of Spirandola

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