“Just to keep you informed with the significance/how can I prove this through true evidence” (The Genius)

I was discussing this yesterday night with my homie Arash over at Dojo clthng: it’s easy to succeed in this industry with a simple design on the t-shirt that you want to sell easily but not all men are created equal. Not all brands follow the leader and try to make a knockoff of what is selling at the moment. Think Diamond Supply co. or Billionnaire Boys Club or Sixpack France and read: “trendsetters with flavour”. Well, here we are in front of some never seen before concept on a t-shirt. TLFI aka True Love False Idols is coming at us and it’s quite scary. I don’t know how to defend myself from this attack of pure dopeness in full force displayed at me. Supermodels in vintage clothes that seem to come straight out a 1980 Vogue with skulls placed over their face. There is more, like this wasn’t enough: a TLFI logo all over them reminiscing of those epic metal bands that drove headbangers crazy a couple of decades ago. Of course you remember when that you saw their names on patches stiched on denim jackets of fans all over the world. 2 Tone, the designer behind this brand, knows how to drop an outstanding tee shirt, that’s for sure. TLFI is all this: culture, fun, class and loads of style. Now the question is: why to dare and wear something different from the next man and go where nobody ever ventured before? Because you are unique, my friend. Forget all the hype, the force is inside you like your life is part of Star Wars. A better tee shirt won’t make you a better man, I swear. If you still feel like you can roll with this company complex message, check True Love and False Idols website and see for yourself what they have in stock. I felt that this item is so special that it deserved a “special treatment” so every part of the tee that I took pictures of is now part of these fake flyers above. Mario from All In shop is in the building to help out with his modeling duty once again (did you see his first TLFI modeling job on the last post he was featured?). This grey tee shirt looks fire on him and it may be on you but looks are far from the substance, you need skills to shine, a tee shirt alone won’t do the job.

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