“Just walkin’ the streets death can take you away/it’s never guaranteed that you’ll see the next day” (Fugees)

Don’t be confused by all the fun and the games: I’m all about sensitivity. I may laugh while I share with you what I know, but silly milli vanilli lives elsewhere. You all have heard about the Haiti earthquake. But when the phone number or the number of the bank account passed on your tv screen you had no pen around and you missed it. Charity nowadays can be a style statement as well, since Obey awareness and Artists for Peace and Justice come to give a helping hand. Take a picture, put some artwork on it, print it on a tee shirt backed up by a well know brand as Obey, distribute it all over the world, cash it in and les jeux sont faites. Tao Ruspoli took this picture and Studio Number One did the graphic job. I’m talking about Cleon Peterson, Casey Rider and Obey’s own Shepard Fairey. You can hate all you want in your forums and your social networks, but this is nothing but love. Obey gives 100% back of all the revenues to Father Rick Frechette, a doctor that takes care of two childrens hospitals, a few street schools in poor quarters of Haiti and more. Do your part, don’t hide! I’ve seen you, there’s nowhere you can escape. It’s easy like 1,2,3 like I was in the Jackson 5. All the selected shops that carry Obey will be more than pleased to give you the opportunity to do your thing, with the purchase of this tee shirt. It will say of you that you’re a man of taste and also good at heart. Exactely what women are looking for. Pay no more than 28 euros is what the people at Blue distribution told me to tell you. Just say no to vampire dealers. Just say yes to shops like New School that, beside working a lot these days, is well happy to have the possibility to support operations like this one. How comes if New School doesn’t carry Obey?! Incomplete info, sir! The latest news say that New School doesn’t carry Obey yet, but they soon will. By the end of march you will know it all. In the meantime start saving. Say no to at least 4 drinks in this month and a half and you will say yes to the counter guy when he hands you your bag with your new Obey Awareness tee shirt inside. Not only Haiti says “Thanks” but your liver too.

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