K-Swiss – D-R Cinch Chukka

While the blogs that you keep on following share the same items from the same brands, I post what I like. Sometimes name brands hide in their range some average products while viceversa, some others may have real fresh items but not enough hype. Here is a pair of sneakers that deserve your attention. K-Swiss is a staple in the footwear industry in the States. Founded in 1966 by the two… Swiss brothers Ernie and Art Brunner, this brand represented back then a “tennis only” footwear brand. To say it all it was the brand that created the first all leather tennis shoe. As times evolved, K-Swiss did the same, keeping up with the fast pace of modern era. This means that in its range you can also find lifestyle sneakers like these D-R Cinch Chukka in the hands of Serenella M. The five stripes emblem of these brand are barely visible on this sleek silhouette. While you may get intrigued by its unique lacing system, the two main features are hard to see here. The first is its ultra smooth suede. It’s so pleasant to touch that you just don’t want to stop. The second is its Plushfoam insole: its soft and light material together with the flexible structure of the shoe allows you to wear these shoes all day. Back to the lacing system, D-R Cinch fit system was signature to early K-Swiss models. This colorway is what gives justice to your chino pants but there are four more available (and there is even a low version). Did my post here put K-Swiss in a new perspective? Pictures courtesy of Maurizio Milesi.

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