Kabak ● Forest Green Beanie Thick Knitted

Kabak is a bit like Duran Duran here: hungry like the wolf. Or maybe this Polish player of the streetwear game is just like Black Sheep: a wolf in sheep clothing.

By this I mean hungry for fun and connections but most of all it’s hungry for fame. A fame that it’s building step by step conquering the Old Continent with a positive approach that incorporates a superior quality, contemporary designs and a unique drive to let its voice heard. That’s why it is like a sheep in this sense: little and with the need to be protected but basically it has so many ideas that it could conquer the big leagues with the strength of the wolf.

We first saw Kabak when we put an eye (maybe more than one) on those… Eye To Eye socks. I told you how I connected with it randomly, stumbling by accident on Aleksandra, the marketing manager. Since she was happy about my post, she kindly sent me a care package to continue to spread the word about Kabak (a true wolf move, let me tell you…).

Inside there were three pair of socks and a cozy beanie, here worn by Deborah B. Completely made in Poland, this Forest Green Beanie Thick Knitted has that vibe of the old hand knitted caps, completed by this eco leather patch with a laser etched design of a wolf head.

With its humble approach to socks, beanies and belts design, this crew working together has the masterplan on lock. Feel free to browse Kabak website if all you want to wear is something inspired that your friends have an hard time finding. Remember: there are a bunch of sheep but only one wolf.

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