Kabak ● Windows 98 socks

Are you still listening to Timbaland “Lobster and shrimp” from yesterday’s post about Krewetki (Shrimps) socks? I started a Kabak 3 days special where I give you the picture of how nice is this Warsaw brand and today we are at the second installment.


If yesterday our focus was on little sea animals, today we are dealing with a retro fresh 90s graphic style called Windows 98. No need to bother shrimps if you can use geometric shapes to recreate an abstract pattern. You can’t feel the material but this 80% cotton, 15% polyamide and 5% elastane blend does a good job keeping your socks up. To have solid colors in your socks is basically something that works better with jacquard craftsmanship, like in our case.


Looking like a neon pattern washed a million times, it’s evident where these socks had their inspiration from. Smiling at technology now that even kids under three years know how to flip pictures on the smartphones of their dads, is a winning move. Looking back 20 years from today it’s like looking at another civilization. But technology also created a well connected network of people where it’s easy to share a lot more than before: contents, images and… style. This Polish pair of socks on a post of The Maxiemillion is easy to see for all my readers, no matter if they reside in Germany or in California.


Our influences nowadays are changed, now that our vision is widened. So even you may find that a Polish brand that crafts flawless socks like these worn by Michela P is amazing. Since technology serves us pretty well, you may even browse Kabak website and order these socks or some others, considering how many styles are featured there.


What is left to say at this point is “see you tomorrow”, for the third installment of the 3 days special on Kabak. Same time, same channel…
Shop online for this item here > http://kabak.com.pl/kategoria/skarpetki/windows-98
Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo

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